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If you are wondering about me, I started out using the very first home PC to come on the market. The TI-99/4A PC. It had a monochrome screen, basic programming module, and a cassette tape player for storage. I learned basic programming on that machine. After that I was off and running with computers.

I am a former US Navy Sailor and have made 1 Pacific Rim cruise in 89-90. I am a very patriotic citizen of the USA. And although I do believe some people in the world can not understand that I don't make any appologies for it. By trade I am an Avionics Technician. I have worked in Aviation in both the US Navy and in the civilian world.

During my career I have been from the Arctic circle to the Antarctic circle. From the eastern Indian Ocean in one direction to Saudi Arabia in the other direction. I have seen many things in many places, some good and some not so good. But one thing I have learned is that in every country I have been to, everyone is more or less the same. We may have different skin color and speak different languages, and believe in different Gods but we all just want the world to be a better place. My favorite places I have been to are Perth Australia (Good beer, friendly folks and fine women), Hong Kong (a fun town to play in), Singapore (another fun town) Olongapo in the Philippines, Landstuhl, Germany (Good food and nice folks), and Caracas, Venezeuala (Good food and nice folks there). The Hottest place I have even been was in Saudi Arabia. I do believe I left some of the rubber from the soles of my work boots melted into the airport ramp there.

During this period of time I got onto the world wide web for the first time and soon after purchased a Starband internet connection, and soon there after found that I needed a firewall. After trying all the major firewalls I settled on the ZoneAlarm firewall.

I soon found out that very few people could explain firewalls to a noob. So I read everything I could lay my hands on and started playing with all the settings in ZA and even went so far as to print out the hlep guide in ZoneAlarm. After that I started helping folks with Starband on how to use ZoneAlarm. I soon started helping others outside of Starband as I got really selfish.

I decided that I hated having people out in the world with unsecured computers. SO I selfishly decided to put together this site so that I could help others secure their computers.

If you have any suggestions, just sign the book. Your e-mail will not show up anywhere in the guestbook if you put it in there, and I won't give it out at all to anyone.

Proud to be an American