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I apologize, but from this day forward I will no longer be able to help anyone with a COMCAST address. Comcast has a draconian spam filtering policy, and my domain has been swept up in their one sided attempt to rid the world of spam. Because someone who uses the same hosting company that I do sends out spam, I can no longer send e-mail to Comcast customers. Instead of filtering on a domain basis, they filter on an IP basis. Also they refuse to filter the outgoing e-mail from their own servers. In the past I have gotten spam, virus's and phish from Comcast customers, yet when I contacted them about the problem, they did nothing. So for anyone with a Comcast account that would like help with ZoneAlarm, I am sorry. You can e-mail Comcast and complain, but as of right now there is nothing I can do. I would recommend that you sign up for a Gmail e-mail account and drop Comcast e-mail like the stinking rotting corpse that they act like. In fact I am going to go so far as to recommend that you look into any other internet solution that is available in your are. Comcast is acting like big brother. There are far more efficient methods of filtering e-mail, yet they won't use them. How much of your e-mail are you actually not getting. I will be willing to bet every Comcast customer has friends and relatives that are getting their e-mail blocked by Comcast.

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It has been brought to my attention that many of you are not from the USA, and from last count 144 other countries from around the world. English is the only language that I speak, so I appologize for not being able to provide help in other languages,but will give it a shot if you don't mind me fumbling your language, the only way I can do it is to use Babelfish or some other online translation service, and they leave a lot to be desired.If you are interested in translating the pages, let me know.

And there may be some that don't like my patriotic images on my pages, to those folks I am sorry you feel that way but I am an former US Navy Sailor, and was brought up to be patrotic, so I am.

These pages and all the help I provide is just something I do. If I get too much grief from doing this, it will just stop and all the pages will disappear.

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For Citizens of the United States

Normally I try to keep quiet about such things, but recent events have pushed me over the edge. Millions of your fellow citizens and ancestors have fought for your right to even exist as a nation. Millions more have paid the ultimate sacrifice by giving up their lives for these rights.

For that very reason you should realize that these rights are not totally free. Along with the rights, there are some responsibilities. The right to free speech doesn't allow hate speech, or allow you to yell fire in a crowded venue when there is no fire. But along with that goes moral obligations. Reporters, radio, bloggers, and newspapers have the moral obligation to keep national secrets in the time of war. If you have knowledge of a secret that is also breaking the law, there are ways to address the situation without going public, and these ways should be fully exhausted prior to going public. If a secret isn't breaking the law, then you have the moral obligation to keep your lip zipped. If not, then there should be consequences.

As these consequences, I am asking that anyone who has purchased a subscription, or purchases weekly, or is a advertiser in the New York Times, to cancel your subscription or advertising in the New York Times. Recent articles, and their half baked attempts to show their point of view, has just gone further to show that, because of some reporters, and editors, and other management, the New York Times is a terrorist enabler, and should be prosecuted as such.

This has nothing whatsoever to do with being anti-war. You can be anti-war and still be able to keep secrets. The New York Times proves that it cannot. This also in no way accuses all of the workers there of being traitors. In fact I am sure that most of the rank and file workers are very patriotic, but enough of the upper management has gone to the dark side. They no loner see themselves as citizens on the United States Of America, but as an upper class who think just because they do it, it is right.

Also I have to say something about illegal immigration, and the current cowflop coming from the United States Senate.

I am not anti immigrant, but I am anti-illegal immigrant. If you want to come to this country, do it legally, and I will welcome you. But when you come here, if you want to stay you need to learn to function in English. This is not to say English is better than any other language, but only that this is the USA and if you can't speak English, then you will have a hard time. If you don't want to learn it then go elsewhere. We are also a country that is composed of lands that were taken from other nations in the past. Some where purchased. A few months ago, there were protests where Mexicans that were in this country illegally, demanded that we return their lands to them. To what end? So that they could be governed as ineptly as the rest of your country? Mexico has vast ways of supporting its people but does not. That is the Mexican Governments Fault, not ours. If you want the land back, then I suggest picking up a rifle and try and take it back. Remember the Alamo!

As for Congress and there moronic attempts at trying to reform immigration policy, I have a few things to say.

First lock down the border. All of it, the Southern, Northern, and both coasts. To do anything else first is moronic.

Second, any immigrant to this country cannot and will not be given any rights that the citizens of this country do not have. I will never see Social security, so what right does an illegal immigrant have to get it?

Third, a $2000 fine is pitiful. It should be at least $25,000 for every year they are here illegally. This is to make it clear that being a citizen of the USA is a privilege and not a right to people not born here. It is also to try and recoup some of the money we as Americans have spent on services given to illegal aliens.

Fourth you say you want to create a law that will treat them fairly, as they are all good hardworking people. While most of them are, some of them are not. But the point is they are all in this country illegally. Either thru outstaying their visa's or by crossing the border illegally, or however. They are illegal, and as such should be prosecuted and jailed. But we don't have the facilities to do so. So give the illegal aliens here a 5 year grace period to go home and do it correctly. Then they will be welcome. If not, then they will be arrested and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. There is plenty of land in Arizona where we can set up tents and fences in the desert.

Fifth, if you try to do everything at once, you will be opening the border to more illegal immigration and then you will be guilty of treason. It is your duty as elected officials of the Public to protect its citizens. Do it!

This is for everyone who votes in elections. If you really fell the need to vote in a single party, then vote for the non incumbent. Others, still vote for the non incumbent, and lets return the government back to one of the people, by the people and for the people. We have to take back out government from the "proffesional politicians".

Thank you.